After doing two bonus hours the past two weeks, we are back to our regular schedule of 7a-8a EVERY Saturday on KFWB in Los Angeles, as well as online right here. I really love doing the show, answering your questions and helping people save money when buying a car. I am always working on a business plan for the ULTIMATE car dealership and YOUR input is valuable. What would YOU do to make the perfect car dealership? Email me your ideas to Thanks! Talk to you Saturday Morning!
On last weeks show, I named the Hyundai Elantra the 2011 CAR NEWSIE CAR OF THE YEAR. It was also just named NORTH AMERICAN CAR OF THE YEAR! ( This is the second win for Hyundai in the past 2 years! (2009 winner was the car I drive, the Hyundai Genesis!)

Now for full disclosure, while the Elantra WAS announced as one of the final three contestants, I honestly had no idea. I picked it because I think it is a game changing car for Hyundai. The car they can't keep on the lot, and the car that is going to keep any owner VERY happy.

The voting for the North American Car of the Year is done by 50 journalists from just about every top car publication and websites. The CAR NEWSIE AWARD was picked from a jury of ME!
Thanks for the great calls (and some call backs) this morning! It really makes the show fun when we get great calls from the great listeners. (I think I said GREAT too many times!)

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It is really hard to believe we are in December already, 2012 is just around the corner, as is ,what I think, is the best time to buy a car...DECEMBER 31! It is the end of a month, quarter and year! Lots of goals to hit, so dealers are dealing (plus, if you can stay late, they want to get their New Years Eve party, so THEY'LL be in a rush!)
GREAT Callers today! Next week we will be at the LA Auto Show and will have some great info on the new WORLD debut cars! If you ever have a question during the week, and you can't call in, feel free to use the ASK DAN form right here on the site! Thanks again for listening to Car News on KFWB, News Talk 980.
Today's show was fun (aren't they all?) The most important thing to learn from today's show is to NOT GET SCAMMED when buying or selling a car online. Only use TRUSTED sites and services. There is no KBB BUYER PROTECTION SERVICE....eBay has some protection as does

The LA Auto Show is coming up in November and we hope to be there LIVE. What do YOU like about auto shows? Email me and we'll talk about it on the LA AUTO SHOW edition of Car News Radio, Coming November 18, 2011. 

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So this week I decided to talk about what I do during the week, If you want to know how the cash for cars business works, listen to the podcast of the show. I talked about how to keep from getting scammed, and what NOT to do when selling a car.  On next weeks show, we'll talk about the sales figures for September....a little surprising. Thanks for listening, talk you ya SATURDAY morning on Car News with Dan Rosenberg on KFWB, News/TAlk 980. C-ya!
WOW how fast that one went. Some GREAT calls and some interesting stories. The big question was "What is the right car for a 50 something single rich guy to drive" - What do YOU think? Take the poll on the CAR NEWS POLL page...or comment below!
I'll be heading down to the OC Auto Show Friday night and giving you a detailed preview on Saturday morning on your way to the show! Tune in at 7am, only on KFWB, NewsTalk 980.
Each week I will post a post show wrap and post during the breaks....when I can. Check back NEXT WEEK!